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Unforgiven Mafia [UM]™
Welcome back to the old UM forum! Please feel free to ask me anything you need to know! Joel, Milehamj.
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Pay And Donations

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1Pay And Donations Empty Pay And Donations Tue Jun 23, 2009 10:28 am



At UM we offer a great amount of pay. The amount you recive depends on your rank and how hard you have worked that week, as well as if you have done anything special and important. You will recive pay everyday at 6pm.

To get a higher rank quickly with no hassle you can donate to either Beau,xD, .:Mr.Nacho:. or Walker2590.
If you donate to anyone else no matter what they say your rank will be fraud and you will be seen as self promoted. This means you are likely to be fired or demoted, as well as lose your furni.


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